Medication Therapy vs. Stem Cell Therapy

The most common way we treat pain and injuries to our joints is medication, but why? When you take a pill to cover up your symptoms, it does nothing to repair and fix the tissues that are damaged and causing you pain. In some cases, medication is absolutely necessary to sustain life and even to help us function for a few days as we must keep on living. However, shouldn’t we be trying to find out what is actually wrong with our body and joints to repair what is failing us? That is where stem cell therapy is a great option. Using stem cells to treat many conditions and joint pain can actually repair and regenerate the tissues needed for that joint to function properly and free of pain. If you are using over the counter or prescription medications on a daily basis to manage your pain, you should consider stem cell therapy to help manage your pain in hopes of decreasing the use of medication. Long term use of pain medication can cause a very long list of negative side effects, including addiction and dependence. Stem cell therapy can be the answer for many people to end the cycle of chronic pain and dependence on medication in order to get through a day. Remember, pain medications should be temporary relief. If you are taking medication daily to manage pain, come see us at Cactus Medical Center for an evaluation with our integrated medical team to get some relief!

Dr. Casey McNinch, PT, DPT is a Physical Therapist with expertise in working with the aging population, individuals with Parkinson's Disease, and individuals with neck and low back injuries.

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