What is Stem Cell Therapy?

“This treatment changed my life!”        “I can walk without pain again!”          

“My knee pain is gone!” “This is the future of Medicine!”    “I can’t believe how good I feel”

Curious as to what everyone is talking about and the “buzz” around the clinic? Its simple, REGENERATION! Cactus Medical Center is one of the leading clinics offering stem cell therapy treatments for those painful and degenerated joints. If you have joint pain from osteoarthritis or maybe even an injury, stem cell therapy may be the treatment you are looking for. NO more surgeries! NO more medication! Stem cell therapy uses the bodies natural power to heal to regenerate tissues and bone on those aching joints. At Cactus Medical Center, we strive to offer our patients the best treatments options to reduce pain, improve function and ultimately improve quality of live. We believe in the power of stem cells and encourage you to come to one of our informational seminars to learn more about stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine.

Dr. Casey McNinch, PT, DPT is a Physical Therapist with expertise in working with the aging population, individuals with Parkinson's Disease, and individuals with neck and low back injuries.

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