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Please Join us for an educational seminar that explains how Regenerative Cell Therapy is helping people with joint pain find relief after only one treatment!

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What you can learn at the seminar:

  • Learn about this remarkable healing technology that can actually repair damaged tissue in the body through a painless and safe Regenerative Cell injection.
  • Come learn how Regenerative Cell injections work. We'll explain how they identify the impaired areas and heal them by regenerating new cells and tissue. 
  • Why this innovative therapy is particularly effective in treating such conditions as degenerative arthritis, and degenerative joint disease. If you suffer from one of these or know someone who is in pain, this could be Life-Changing. 
  • Cactus Medical Center is one of the first clinics in the Peoria, Arizona area to offer this highly advanced form of therapy.

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Seminar Presented by Dr. Casey McNinch, PT, DPT.


Dr. Casey McNinch has developed a top tier Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy program at Cactus Medical Center. This program focuses on using stem cell products to restore, regenerate and repair broken down joints that are causing pain.

Join us and learn about an innovative, revolutionary therapy that is providing countless Chronic Pain Sufferers with long-term relief from symptoms and complications.

“This treatment, one simple injection, has changed my life. I am so appreciative of the Cactus Medical Center Team” -- Chronic Knee pain and arthritis patient.


Before you operate or medicate, REGENERATE!


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