How do I find out if I am a candidate for a Stem Cell treatment?

Finding out if you are a candidate for Stem Cell treatment is easy! Make an appointment for a consultation with our medical team. We will take x-rays and do a physical exam, along with an extensive review of our findings using state of the art 3-D software to show you what is going on in your joints. Our medical team will recommend a treatment plan, possibly joint injections or receiving the stem cells through an IV. There are a few conditions that we can screen for up front that would prevent going forward with a consultation including: active cancer, cancer treatment or medications, and if you are pregnant. Any other conditions you may have would need to be discussed with our medical team during your visit. You also need to limit aggressive activity and heavy lifting with any joints injected for about a month after treatment, keep that in mind that for best results you would also need to be able to follow these instructions. If your work requires heavy lifting and repetitive movements, you need to discuss modifying your activity to allow the stem cells to work. We offer consultation appointments every day Monday through Friday. We also have an informational seminar on stem cell therapy a few times a month; check out our Facebook page or call the office to reserve a spot for the next seminar.