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Pain Management Specialists Peoria AZ

Pain Management Specialist Peoria AZ

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Pain Management Q&A

What is pain management?

Pain management is a branch of medicine in which medical providers create a plan of care to address your acute or chronic pain, utilizing a variety of interventions. Cactus Medical Center finds the underlying cause of the pain and develops a plan to treat and heal that area without using any harmful and dangerous narcotic pain medications.

When would I need to see a pain management doctor?

When home remedies such as resting, icing, OTC medications do not work or when the pain is so severe that you need to seek medical attention, it’s a sign that you need to see a pain management doctor.

What can I expect when I see my pain management doctor?

You can expect a thorough medical exam to accurately diagnose the cause of your pain. You will then be presented with the treatment plan/options and you and the provider can decide on the proper course of treatment. Our providers typically recommend a series of injections in the painful region or directly into the joints.

What kind of treatment will I receive at a pain management clinic?

You will typically receive injections in the painful region. At CMC, we offer various types of natural anti-inflammatory injections, platelet-rich plasma injections, and Regenerative Medicine injections. You will also receive physical therapy and chiropractic care. At other clinics, you may be offered only medication for temporary relief.

Is physical medicine and rehabilitation the same as pain management?

They do fall under the same heading; however, traditional pain management relies heavily on narcotic medication to manage pain. The new era of Physical Medicine and Rehab focuses on natural treatments to help the body heal itself while treating the underlying cause of pain, and not prescribing harmful and dangerous medications to mask the symptoms.

What is the difference between physiatry and pain management?

Essentially, they are the same thing. It really depends on what provider and/or clinic you go to and what treatment options are available to you.