Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Center Sun City AZ

Physical Therapy Specialists Serving Sun City, AZ Patients

At Cactus Medical Center, we offer patients who live in Sun City, AZ and the surrounding region with high quality physical therapy and rehabilitation services customized to the patient’s specific needs for pain relief and mobility restoration.

Physical Therapy Specialists Sun City AZ

Physical Therapy Services

Our physical therapy professionals offer wide range of treatment strategies that involve physical therapy for neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. The physical therapy solutions we offer are formulated to enhance your existing physical condition and also help prevent future physical problems through a customized approach that involves stretching, strengthening, and other exercise techniques.


Injury Rehab Expertise

The physical therapy specialists in our clinic provide high grade treatment options to help regenerate and restore the health and function of damaged muscles, nerves, ligaments, bones, and joints. We implement a well-thought-out and individually tailored physical therapy approach specifically developed to accommodate your needs. Our physical therapy and injury rehab capabilities allows to effectively treat a range of musculoskeletal conditions. These include whiplash, car accident injuries, tendinitis, neck pain, headaches and migraines, osteoporosis, TMJ, lower back pain, sports injuries, and more.
We are able to achieve effective results for our patients through the application of various physical therapy solutions, including various exercises, stretching, balance training, mobilization, massage, manipulation, deep muscle stimulation, posture education, and more.
We also provide sports physical therapy for athletes who are experiencing pain or limited mobility due to injuries. Our sports physical therapy solutions help athletes achieve the range of motion and improved performance they need in their sport. We can help you regain the strength and functionality you need in your sport through effective stretching and strengthening exercises.

For more information about the physical therapy and rehabilitation services we offer for Sun City, AZ Patients at our physical therapy clinic, call us today at (623) 376-8225 or request an appointment through our contact.