Shoulder Injury

Shoulder Injury Treatment Peoria AZ

Shoulder Injury treatment Peoria AZ

Are You Seeking Shoulder Pain Treatment in Peoria, Surprise, Sun City and Glendale, AZ?

It is easy to take your shoulders for granted, but if you develop shoulder pain, then it becomes highly obvious how important this area of the body is in almost everything you need to do during your day to day life. At Cactus Medical Center, we offer highly effective shoulder pain treatment using physical therapy in Peoria, AZ and the surrounding areas of Surprise, Sun City and Glendale. Enjoy a higher quality of life with the range of motion you require to perform your daily tasks more effectively.

Shoulder Injury Q & A

What are the common causes of pain in the shoulder?

The most common causes for pain in the shoulder include neck injuries, cervical stenosis, thoracic outlet syndrome, biceps tendonitis, referred pain from possible GI problems.

How are shoulder injuries treated?

Shoulder injuries can be complex and it takes a proper medical and functional exam to determine the underlying cause of the pain. Once that is determined, a combination of interventions and treatments tend to work the best. Injections into the shoulder help reduce inflammation and pain, combined with rehabilitation to stretch and strengthen the injured muscles and tendons. The ultimate goal is to assist each patient with returning to normal daily function and use of the shoulder without pain or restriction.

What are the symptoms of shoulder pain?

Restricted range of motion, achiness in the shoulder, radiating pain into the side of the arm, increased pain at night, difficulty sleeping, tenderness of muscles, and joint stiffness are among the most common symptoms of shoulder pain.

What are the chiropractic treatment options for shoulder pain?

Chiropractic treatment options like joint adjustments and postural education can go a long way in alleviating shoulder pain.

How can a chiropractor provide shoulder pain relief?

Chiropractic adjustments can help mobilize and align the cervical and thoracic spines so that the scapula (shoulder blade) moves properly with the shoulder joint.

Will physical therapy be required after shoulder surgery?

Yes, between 6-8 weeks of PT is typically required after all shoulder surgeries. PT is important to help improve the range of motion, strength, and to restore normal joint function, while not damaging any tendons or ligaments repaired during the surgery.

How does chiropractic care treat shoulder pain?

Improving spinal and joint alignment can help to reduce pain in the shoulder and improve joint function.

Can stem cell therapies help shoulder pain?

Yes. Human cell and tissue products offered at CMC can help the body heal damaged tendons, ligaments, and cartilage in the shoulder joint.

How does stem cell therapy for shoulder pain work?

Regenerative Medicine and human cell and tissue products have been shown to help heal tissues in the shoulder to reduce pain and improve joint function. The cells have been shown to have the capacity to turn into cartilage, muscle, tendon, etc. in damaged areas of the body to help the body in healing that area.

A Non-Pharmaceutical Approach to Pain Relief

It can be easy to reach for medication to relieve the symptoms of your pain, but this is not actually treating the cause of the problem. Cactus Medical Center strives to assist patients in living healthy, happy lives by targeting the source of the pain in order to reduce the dependence on medication. We use physical therapy to treat shoulder pain by reducing the pressure on nerves and strengthening the joints and muscles in order to provide lasting relief.

If You Are Suffering from Shoulder Pain, Call Today

While shoulder pain can severely limit your mobility, fast and effective treatment methods that reduce your dependence on pharmaceutical medications are available with the assistance of Cactus Medical Center. Located in Peoria, AZ and serving the surrounding regions such as Glendale, Sun City and Surprise, our team goes above and beyond to reduce your symptoms and provide relief from pain. Call today for an appointment at (623) 376-8225.