Stem Cell Treatment Surprise AZ

Stem Cell Therapy Treatment for Surprise, AZ Patients

At Cactus Medical Center, we offer exceptional stem cell therapy treatment options for Surprise, AZ patients. Our team of experienced regenerative medicine specialists can determine if one or more of the innovative stem cell treatment options we offer can effectively mitigate the pain you are experiencing in your body, including arthritis pain.

Stem Cell Treatment Surprise AZ

Stem Cell Treatment

Stem cell therapy, when used effectively, can lengthen and enhance an individual’s quality of life. It is used to repair various parts of the body including cartilage, bone, muscle, and tendons. Stem cells work to regenerate the body’s damaged tissues and function effectively as its maintenance and repair system.

The stem cell injections our specialists provide our patients are designed to heal various types of bone and soft tissue issues in the body. Stem cell therapy can deliver healing to areas such as the elbows, shoulders, wrists, ankles, knees, hips, middle/lower back, and neck.

Regenerative Medicine

Stem Cell Therapy Features and Benefits

Stem cells are derived from human umbilical cord tissues from healthy babies and mothers. The cells are then injected into a specific area during treatment with patients sometimes reporting positive results (pain reduction) in just a few short weeks or a couple of months. You will typically only need one treatment per joint or area. However repeated treatment may be provided to increase healthy tissue growth if you do not experience enough improvement after a few months from the initial injection.
The stem cell therapy services we offer are safe and utilize ultrasound technology as a guide for its application. It does not produce some of the harmful side effects that result from surgery or particular medications. In addition, you will typically only feel a nominal stinging sensation with these injections which may be alleviated somewhat with the application of a topical numbing cream.

The stem cell therapy we offer is safe and directed by ultrasound technology. It is free from the dangerous side effects that can accompany the use of certain medications or surgery. Our stem cell therapy injections only involve a nominal stinging sensation which may be decreased with the use of a topical numbing cream.

To find out whether you are an eligible candidate in Surprise, AZ for stem cell therapy for arthritis, stem cell therapy for knees, or stem cell treatment for another area of the body, give us a call today at (623) 376-8225 or use our contact to request an appointment.