Stronger Muscles = Less Pain!

Most of us know that exercising is something we should do, right? But it can be challenging to find time to exercise or maybe because of your pain or injuries you don’t know if you can. However, therapeutic exercise even in the presence of that chronic pain can be beneficial when done properly.

A general exercise program that combines muscular strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness is beneficial for rehabilitation of chronic low back pain. Increasing your core muscular strength can assist in supporting the lumbar spine; while improving the flexibility of your muscle-tendons and ligaments in the back increases the range of motion and assists with your functional movement.

The deep abdominal muscles are essential for supporting the lumbar spine and strengthening these muscles can reduce back pain. Our rehab programs at Cactus Medical Center focus on getting your stronger and improving your flexibility. The rehab team will guide you through gentle exercises to start your program with progression to more difficult exercises as tolerated.

Cactus Medical Center provides ongoing support and modification to programs as well as we know each person responds differently to exercise. We also utilize a state-of-the-art digital range of motion program to track and guide your progress. Take the time out of your day to do your exercises, your back will thank you!  

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