Trigger Point Injections

Enjoy Highly Effective Pain Relief with Trigger Point Injections

Painful knots can develop in muscles, particularly in the back, during periods of high activity and overuse. These trigger points are difficult to remedy with just massage and can lead to painful conditions in other parts of the body, such as headaches. Trigger point injections offered by Cactus Medical Center provide targeted pain relief directly into the knot to provide an effective reduction in the pain and sensitivity of the area. Given the uniqueness of each patient, our team is committed to creating individual treatment protocols utilizing trigger point therapy to ensure long-lasting results.

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How Do Trigger Point Therapy Work?

Trigger points are located all over the body and generate localized as well as referred pain. At Cactus Medical Center, our trigger point treatment options target these specific problem areas. A small needle containing a local anesthetic as well as corticosteroid is inserted directly into the trigger point to relieve the pain. Trigger point therapy is highly effective, with most patients only requiring one or two rounds of injections. However, for chronic conditions such as tension headaches, myofascial pain syndrome, or fibromyalgia, patients may opt to receive regular trigger point injections to ensure that the pain not only goes away but stays away, too.

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Trigger point therapy is one of the most effective ways to enjoy sustained pain relief. To learn more about trigger point injections, contact Cactus Medical Center to schedule an appointment by calling (623) 376-8225.