Why Cactus Medical Center?

At Cactus Medical Center, our philosophy is to treat and fix the underlying conditions that are causing you pain, not just treating and masking symptoms with pain medication. We are a team of the very best healthcare providers working together to accomplish more than we ever could alone. We believe that the combination of physical medicine, chiropractic care, and rehabilitation is truly the best and most efficient way to eliminate your pain; and we offer it all under one roof! Less visits per week, less copays and fees, and less time spent away from your families. We are a team that respects and relies on one another to ensure we are always delivering the best care possible to our patients. Everyday we meet as a team and review the patients for the day. We track your progress, tolerance to treatment, and make any necessary changes to your care plan to ensure you will reach your pain free goals and improve your mobility. As part of our physical medicine program we have various interventions including: trigger point injections, ultrasound guided joint injections, stem cell therapy, and bracing. We are a narcotic free office. Rather than merely treating symptoms with opioids and prescription pain medication, our in-house treatments focus on restoring your full functionality. We started this company to take care of our community, and to help as many people as we can manage and conquer their pain without narcotic medications. Our goal is to be your first call when your body breaks down and you need repair. Our team at Cactus Medical Center will work together to find a way to restore your function and eliminate your pain.